At Rebar Reinforcement Placers, LLC safety is the number one priority and responsibility of every employee. We ensure that all of our employees have appropriate safety gear and are using it properly. Safety is the key to our success. We strive to provide a working environment that is safe, healthy, and drug free.

It is our belief that each project can be done in a gainful, efficient, and safe manner.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Policy
Our success is dependent upon the physical and mental health of our employees. We understand the moral obligation to protect the health of our employees. These obligations include but are not limited to maintaining a safe, healthful, and efficient working environment for all of our employees and the public. Rebar Reinforcement Placers, LLC recognizes its right to protect the company's property, equipment, and operations by preventing problems commonly associated with substance abuse.

As part of our drug and alcohol policy, we send our employees to the clinic to get a drug test to begin to work with
Rebar Reinforcement Placers, LLC. We also conduct a randomized drug and alcohol test with or without suspicion. We aim to keep it that way, so that no one gets hurt.

Safety Goal
Our employees are like family. We believe we can accomplish an incident free work place. Our team is committed to this goal. Through our proper training, safety programs, employees working safely, and looking out for each other, we will fulfill this major goal.
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